Apple in talks to improve sound quality of music downloads

Apple and other digital music retailers are in discussions with record labels to improve the quality of the song files they sell, executives involved in the talks say. As a result, online music stores could eventually offer songs that sound truer to their original recordings, perhaps at a premium price. Professional music producers generally capture […]


How To Invest In The Music Business

Until recently it was virtually impossible for the average investor to know how to invest in the part of the music business that was actually making money. Record companies and music publishers were impenetrable. The only way to score in the music business was to invest in a brand new artist from your home town, […]


Radio Promotion – The Secret To Your Music Success

So to get us on the right track, let’s ask the right questions. When should I embark on a Radio Promotion campaign? There are 2 distinctions I need to make here. (1) The record promotion is carried out by the band/artist/label and (2) the Radio Promotion is carried out by the plugger who is paid […]


10 Truths About the Modern Music Business

Although going it on your own was all the rage in 2010, reality has shown that the majority of artists still need a team around them to reach any substantial level of awareness, sales, and revenue. However, this team doesn’t necessarily need to resemble the traditional record label department structure. For many artists, surrounding themselves […]

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