Slavic Livins and FMG featured in Illinois Entertainer

October’s issue of Illinois Entertainer (IE) features a background story on Slavic Livins and his body of work including his time spent at Fragile Music Group ( . The story comes out just as Avant’s album “The VIII” drops, which Livins engineered. Livins also wrote and produced one of the tracks on the album “I’m […]


FMG get’s in the weather!!!

Fragile Music Group gets another opportunity to show their skills as Slavic Livins scores an original orchestral music piece for THE ONION Weather Center.,29424/


Arranging: From Less to More – Mastering The Big “Mo”

Students of great arranging frequently and shortsightedly limit their focus to matters of technique–inspired orchestration, sophisticated voicings, clever melodic manipulation, etc. In short, elements which can be studied with a photograph instead of a recording. What can get missed in such analysis is the element of momentum, the quality of the arrangement to capture and […]