How Much Money Did Amazon Lose on Two Days 99c Lady Gaga Sales?

Industry sources report that Amazon sold some 440,000 downloads of the album – nearly all of which were the 99-cent version (a more expensive deluxe version is also available). So how much is Amazon losing? About $3.2 million over the two days the promotion ran, according to Billboard’s estimate. Here’s the math: For every unit […]


Sonic Branding at MIDEM and beyond

The value of a sound strategy is still a dim second in advertising briefs but smarter brands are catching on. Audi achieved sonic branding two years ago, with its sport for the A5 sportback —a steady, pumping heartbeat, breath and a piano as seen (and heard) above.
Last month, in an industry first, Unilever brand managers for […]


10 Truths About the Modern Music Business

Although going it on your own was all the rage in 2010, reality has shown that the majority of artists still need a team around them to reach any substantial level of awareness, sales, and revenue. However, this team doesn’t necessarily need to resemble the traditional record label department structure. For many artists, surrounding themselves […]