Rooby Man masters “Showtime” at Fragile Music Group

Rooby Man "Showtime" Steve “Rooby Man” Roobens hails from the island of Haiti. As a kid Rooby Man was asked to join the Haitian boy band “King of Kings”and just a few years later they ruled the streets, moved the crowds and rocked the stages of Haiti holding the title of “Best New Hip-Hop/Reggae Group”. Soon after, playing for hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists, they became the winning band in Carnival and were crowned “Most Popular Artist” in the youth category. Eventually, the band dissolved and Rooby Man moved to Chicago.

As a true testament to his hunger, Rooby Man has written, co-produced and recorded numerous tracks. He has performed many of these at venues throughout the Chicago-land area, including his hit single “Showtime” which he mastered at Fragile Music Group. He’s collaborated with other local artists and has been featured on VH1’s “The Hungriest Rapper in Chicago, as well as opening for Chicago’s own R. Kelly at the “12 Play Exclusive All White Affair” with Jive Records artist John Blu.

Rooby Man, as a well seasoned writer, producer and performer, and with a large international fan base tucked in his belt, has already gathered a local following in Chicago and is continuing to connect with a cross cultural audience. With his stunning Caribbean features, energetic stage presence, unique lyrics and vibrant rhythms-Rooby Man draws from the legacy of his heritage, fierce and determined, to change the games of hip-hop, dancehall and pop music now and forever.

Check out the track we mastered for Rooby Man and let us know what you think: