Fragile Music Group mixes and masters Ron Carroll’s “Turn On The Lights”

Ron Carroll, internationally known American DJ, producer and singer, recently mixed and mastered “Turn on the Lights” at the Fragile Music Group.

Carroll was born in Chicago and started performing as a DJ in the late 1980s. He released his first official record, “My Prayer”, in 1993. Because of his style of singing like a preacher, he received the nickname “The Minister of Sound”. Later he met Mazi Namvar, who introduced him to the European house scene. This allowed him to take part in the French house classics “My Love” (produced by Kluster) and “Lucky Star” (produced by Superfunk), both released in 2000.  Carroll’s activities as a singer in Europe brought him into contact with Dutch producers Hardsoul in 2003, for whom he wrote and sang in “Back Together”, followed in 2004 by “Wonderful World” for Bob Sinclar and Axwell, a track that appeared in Sinclar’s album Western Dream.