Dance Floor Junkies in the Studio Eve

Once again Fragile Music Group welcomes another up-n-coming star DFJ with THAT BROADWAY and DJ JEM to work in their upcoming releases. DFJ got to mix and master with Slavic LiVins in Studio Eve that features Ultra modern Barefoot Speakers with lots of outboard such as SSL bus level, eq and compressor modules for that heavy  low end and shinny top sound. “The Dancefloor Junkies are a perfect fusion of musical energy that is sure to have everyone on their feet! This Electro/Pop/Hip-Hop duo is comprised of two DJs who bring a blend of Chicago and New York City’s best and most diverse party music. The Dancefloor Junkies are a dynamic duo that is truly unique to their style. Their eclectic blend of styles and musical variety coupled with extreme high energy bring a breath of fresh air to nightlife. Their influence via the turntables provides one result: packed dance floors. More than DJ’s, The Dancefloor Junkies, provide a special level of sophisticated and fun entertainment for everyone.”