Slavic Livins Lands Top 40 Hit

Last year Slavic Livins had the pleasure of working with a young and talented rapper/singer from Australia, Nick De La Hoyde, on his single “The Longest Way”. The production, recording, mixing and mastering was all done in house at Fragile Music Group. The tracking was done in Studio Max along with producer Lemoyne Alexander (LA,) […]


Will Pandora and Wallstreet unite

The speculations of market going up and down is nothing new on Wallstreet. But now its up to the public to decide will it be a bear or a bull market for streaming service such as Pandora for 2014. Link  


EDM, EDC, SFX…what’s next

  From disco music of the 70’s to house music of 1993 to electronic dance music in 2013 four on the floor can’t be stopped, but where is this all going. How about Wall Street? Yes big corporation of USA are finally starting to see the EDM market potential growth. Except now let’s change it […]


Yemi Marie performing with Chaka Khan

After working on her debut CD recording, audio production, song mixing, and mastering too a while, Yemi Marie, is off to performing with Legendary Chaka Khan The Show is on August 9, 2013 at Wolf Theater..


Chicago Recording Studio

Chicago Recording Studio-Fragile Music Group

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