Fragile Music Group mixes Shawnna’s “Horror Show”

Chicago rap icon Shawnna, daughter of Blues Legend Buddy Guy, released her new single “Horror Show,” taken from her upcoming new mixtape “Tales From the Crypt.” She decided on the horror theme for her mixtape and single, due to her love for Halloween and all things scary. The video, which features Shawnna’s new group GMGirls […]


New State of the Art Control and Live Room “MAX”

Fragile Music Group has added a new state of the art control and live room which was featured in the Mix Magazine. This 220-square-foot control room is designed for operator accuracy and comfort. Anchored by hard-faced “sawtooth” sidewall panels and angled front-corner diaphragmatic traps, all vertical surfaces surrounding the engineer are reflective from the listening perspective […]


Fragile Music Group mixes and masters Ron Carroll’s “Turn On The Lights”

Ron Carroll, internationally known American DJ, producer and singer, recently mixed and mastered “Turn on the Lights” at the Fragile Music Group. Carroll was born in Chicago and started performing as a DJ in the late 1980s. He released his first official record, “My Prayer”, in 1993. Because of his style of singing like a […]


Fragile Music Group presents Duebwa Loving

Recently we collaborated with a talented young Duebwa on his new singles titled SEXYZ BLUE EYES & I MISS YOU. Give it a listen and let us know what you think about this bright young fella. Duebwa Loving (Born June 14,1993) began singing at age seven, Old school music is nothing new to Duebwa seeming […]


Fragile Music Group collaborates with Marshall Jefferson/Curtis McClain: “The House Music Anthem”

Fragile Music Group collaborates with “The Godfather of House Music ” Marshall Jefferson/Curtis McClain for the 3rd remix edition of the number one selling house record “The House Music Anthem” (Move Your Body). Produced by Tim Grossi/Jerry C King, mixed and mastered by Slavic Livins in conjunction with Open House Recordings, Manchester, England.

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