MIT (music industry tips)

Successful artists are not just about their music, their about there business. Thats the difference between a hobby and a career.


Do famous people become mentaly ill? AT

Aphex Twin has declared that all famous people are mentally ill. The combination of adulation and insecurity would drive anyone over the edge, he claimed, including himself. “I have hung around with enough famous people to realise they’ve got a serious insecurity problem,” Richard D James told Q magazine. “I think you have to be […]


Lost Emotional Connection to Urban Music

We are living in an era where music is being “consumed at an all time high!” Or is it? What needs to be said is “Music is being given away at an all time high!” Lets look at this problem that’s destroying our genre at a rapid pace on a business vs. consumer basis….. Lets […]


Should you use internal synth effects or external/plugin effects?

Many synths include some form of on board effects processing. Whether they’re multi-processor modular effects units on modern workstations or simple chorus or delays, effects processors of some kind or another are probably on board most of your synths. You’ve probably also got a good selection of external (including plugin) effects too. And some of […]


Five alternatives to reverb (and why they work)

Reverb is not the answer. Reverb is the question. And sometimes ‘No’ is the answer. Reverb gives you two things for your mix: depth and diffusion. You can adjust the balance between the two by your choice of reverb type and adjustment of the parameters, but ultimately you can’t have one without the other. But […]

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