Where are Miley Cyrus’ parents?

I wasn’t going to watch the VMA’s this year.  After the past couple of lack luster seasons I’d decided I’d had enough.  Sorry MTV.  So when I turned on the news last Monday I was especially shocked to find the top story to be Miley Cyrus ‘twerking’ up against Robin Thicke’s junk at the show.  The only reaction I could muster was aversion.  At the same time my curiosity was piqued, so I quickly went about questioning others about their responses.  Everyone I spoke to was in agreement that she had crossed the line from shocking to appalling with the overall consensus being that of disgust.  One viewer summed it up best, “She made me uncomfortable.  I wish I could unsee it.”

Despite all the negativity pertaining to her appearance, Miley was the hot topic of conversation by what seemed to be the entire world.  From reputable programming like CNN and NPR to pop culture favorites like Chelsea Lately and The Soup to your friends and neighbors.  Certainly something more important happened in the world that day (I think we were having some issue with Syria…), yet Miley was all the buzz.  So the question begs to be asked – Is there such a thing as bad publicity?

I say no.  As much as her performance repelled me and most others, it made her relevant.  The chatter was not contained only to Monday morning.  The Miley frenzy continued throughout the week.  There has been much judging, gossiping, concern, and debate regarding Miley’s provacative dance moves, which is surely what she wanted.  There is nothing celebrities want or need more, especially when they are promoting a new project, than buzz.  They hire publicists to create excitement.  They make sure they are seen and heard at the right places.  They attend events, make the late night TV rounds, give interviews, and perform at awards shows in the hopes of making the consumer remember them when their new movie is released or their latest CD drops.  This is what Miley accomplished with one performance at the VMA’s.  Was it a grand scheme or a combination of poor decisions?  We’ll never know.  But amongst the uproar I heard her new album comes out in October…maybe I should check that out…just out of curiosity.


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