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SoundExchange and Nielsen Entertainment Present Webinar for Labels and Sound Recording Copyright Owners

SoundExchange is partnering with Nielsen Entertainment to present the “Q1Y11 Webinar for Labels and Sound Recording Copyright Owners” as an online webinar Feb 17

The online event will occur at 3:00pm EST on Thursday, February 17 and will feature a 2010 Year in Review from SoundExchange’s Customer Care department, updates on their Track-Level Claiming program, and will explain the benefits of registering with SoundExchange.

In an effort to provide better service to their label constituents, SoundExchange has decided to give registrants a chance to voice their concerns and have these concerns addressed during the webinar. SoundExchange says participants can submit questions and concerns at the time of registration, and they will do their best to incorporate that information into their presentation.

Nielsen Entertainment’s President, Eric Weinberg, and Nancy Wagner, Senior Vice President/General Manager – East Coast, will join the webinar to present as special guests.

For more information or to register, visit:!