Radio Promotion – The Secret To Your Music Success

So to get us on the right track, let’s ask the right questions.

  • When should I embark on a Radio Promotion campaign? There are 2 distinctions I need to make here. (1) The record promotion is carried out by the band/artist/label and (2) the Radio Promotion is carried out by the plugger who is paid by the band/artist/label to deliver a service (this involves hiring a Plugger).

Before you start paying a plugger you need to know that your track/music is good enough to be played on radio. Perhaps it’s worth saying here that commercial radio stations are not in the music business but in the advertising business. Therefore if your music is not capable of attracting the demographics that the station needs to serve, your music will not get play listed.

How can you determine that your track will be played? I suggest that every band/artist/label should have small list of Radio and Club DJ’s that act as focus group for their releases. This group of people should be the initial line to determine the viability of the track before you engage a paid service.

Here is the conclusion to be drawn, if the focus group does not think much of the track, then it should not be released (assuming they are a well chosen members which should also include independent record store staff). Do not listen to the hype that all record stores have closed down. Some are having a greater level of revenue now than before the so called recession!

  • Which Promotions Company Should I Use? Almost all the Radio Promotion websites say that they will not take on a track if they think it has no chance of success. Yet I have met clients who have paid for promotional campaigns that even Joe Bloggs knows has no chance of a single play, let alone be play listed.

The band/artist/label needs to realise that these companies have bills to pay and are liable to take on product that they know will not be successful.

So how do you mitigate or lower the risk of a plugger taking advantage of you as a band/artist/label? The answer is to have a reference from someone they have worked with or try working with people who were referred to you, who you have also checked out. And, as stated above, test your product thoroughly to ensure that you have something good to promote!

  • What Results Can I expect? Radio Promoters, no matter how good they are, cannot offer guaranteed success! The music industry is the only industry I know where someone can say to you “give me your money, but I can’t promise this will work!” Essentially, promotions companies will tell you flat out, “There are no guarantees!”

One thing you need to ensure is that you work along with the plugger if there is to be a tangible result. You must keep pressing for the interviews, to get onto those important gigs and appear at those music events; to visit the local stores within the areas you are getting attention. Work your list, follow points 1 and 2, and this may enable you to make some headway. (No guarantees though )

Remember, Radio Promotion works, but it must be done the right way. So be focused so that you can enjoy your music business success!

There are many ways to make money with your music and build a lasting career in the music business but you need to have the business “Know How”. Visit music business tools for a free Music Business Management course.