Clear Channel remains Ignorant of Pandora Appeal

Pandora has been one of people’s favorite online music websites. It has established itself as the “Google of music,” its easy to use and its the top go to place for people who want to listen and discover new music. Not only that, but if you’re listening to your favorite song on Pandora, it will recommend other artists or bands you may like. Clear Channel now wants to compete with Pandora since they have acquired the subscription service Thumbplay! Thumbplay is a knock off of MOG. All it basically is, is a playlist generator. Their chairman believes that the radio is better because it changes with it’s listeners tastes. He goes on to say that if people get tired of listening to a certain song on Pandora, it will still be there even if they don’t like that song anymore, and he backs the radio by saying, “so as you’re getting tired of a certain song, it begins to disappear,” Pittman told the audience at a conference last week. “As you discover a new song, miraculously it appears and starts being played more and more.” He then goes on to say that if a new song comes on the radio that people like, it won’t show up in Pandora. He also goes on to say that radio has an “up” over Pandora because he employs humans, and that it’s vital to the audience. Although many people disagree and just say that humans are more of a distraction, rather than an attraction while they are trying to listen to music. So is this new “radio” going to be a competitor for Pandora? I think not. It will be interesting though to see how many listeners this new radio station gets. Pandora has over 50 million users, so Clear Channel really has some “competing” to do if they consider Pandora their main competitor.