How To Invest In The Music Business

Until recently it was virtually impossible for the average investor to know how to invest in the part of the music business that was actually making money. Record companies and music publishers were impenetrable. The only way to score in the music business was to invest in a brand new artist from your home town, […]


Radio Promotion – The Secret To Your Music Success

So to get us on the right track, let’s ask the right questions. When should I embark on a Radio Promotion campaign? There are 2 distinctions I need to make here. (1) The record promotion is carried out by the band/artist/label and (2) the Radio Promotion is carried out by the plugger who is paid […]


Makers of ‘The Expendables’ Sue 6,500 BitTorrent Users

With worldwide box-office grosses totalling $274 million since its premiere in August of last year, The Expendables can be classified as a modest blockbuster. The film also did well on file-sharing networks such as BitTorrent, but thus far without any direct revenues. In an attempt to cash in on these unauthorized downloads, the makers of […]


R.E.M. Stands For R.E.M.I.X.

R.E.M.’s upcoming album Collapse Into Now is coming in March, but the band is already getting the buzz going with a little crowdsourcing experiment. A couple days ago, the album’s producer released some tracks from the song “It Happened Today” in files that can easily be imported into Garageband, the music mixing software that comes […]


Sonic Branding at MIDEM and beyond

The value of a sound strategy is still a dim second in advertising briefs but smarter brands are catching on. Audi achieved sonic branding two years ago, with its sport for the A5 sportback —a steady, pumping heartbeat, breath and a piano as seen (and heard) above.
Last month, in an industry first, Unilever brand managers for […]

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